2019 award winners

I hope many of you have seen the ‘virtual awards’ video I posted for our Facebook Group from my living room on Friday night. I must thank Justine again for everything she did in organising the night, Stuart for helping me with the presentation and proof reading and Karen and Lucy who are helping to process the refunds. All the real awards (age grading, club Grand Prix, Dogged 365 and Captain awards) will be presented once running club resumes.
In the meantime, the Club Captain’s Award winners are…..

Triathlete of the Year – Jackie Bell

Beginner of the Year – Nick Goodge

Improver of the Year – Hannah-Mae Taylor

Ady Hunt Memorial Award – John Wharton

Female Runner of the Year – Justine Fawcett

Male Runner of the year – Robin Farrar

Coach of the Year – Christine Muttitt

Outstanding Achievement Award – Ady King

Outstanding Achievement Award – Steve and Lucie Morran

Outstanding Achievement Award – Jo Andrews

Male DOGGED Winner – Paul Bird

Female DOGGED Winner  – Alice Kirk

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