From the Club Captain

Following Anna’s decision to stand down, I have agreed to take up the mantle of Club Captain (gulp!). Many thanks to Anna for being captain during such a strange period for the club and running community at large.
To introduce myself here’s a little bit about my running; I’ve also included a picture for those who don’t know me.
For a number of years I’d been a fair-weather runner, packing it all in when it got dark and cold, losing all my fitness over the winter. Then, in 2017 (after some badgering from a colleague) I decided to break that habit and signed up for the Trowse 10k in late October with a target of sub-50, (I was then at about 55mins). I managed 48:49 and I was so ecstatic that I immediately signed up for the 2018 Freethorpe 10, which I thought was a 10k (good job I found out it wasn’t before the race) and Norwich Half…there was no looking back. I joined the club later that year as I was at 45mins for 10k and wanted some structure hit sub-40 before I was 40 (I was 38 at the time). Since joining the club it’s been amazing, achieving the sub-40 goal a year early and with all my times seeing significant improvement with the support the club provides. So why am I saying all this? Well, it’s to demonstrate the progress and improvement that can be achieved. Whilst it’s a competitive activity and it’s great to see where you measure up against others in races it’s also where you can benchmark your performances against yourself and keep pushing the boundaries, should you wish to. Of course running is also a great fun way to keep fit, so even if you’re not striving for the next PB or age cat., the club is a great way to enjoy running with others.

As Captain, I hope to support and encourage everybody, whatever their motivation is.

Selfie of Byron McGill wearing sunnies

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