All Weather Running Track

A quick note to update you all on progress to date on our plan to install an All Weather Running Track.
I have had a meeting with the relevant planning authority (Broads Authority) and seem to have got off to a good start. They have been most helpful. Basically there are 3 sections in which we need to satisfy them.
1. Key constraints which will cover landscaping, flood risk, highways, ecological impact and amenity of neighbours
2. Relevant policies include The Local plan for the Broads 2018 which covers how the Broads Authority deals with community facilities and the National Planning policy as well as Sports England Policies to sports provisions,
3. List of required further information to make a planning application.

I have also been in touch with SAPCA which is the UK trade association for the sports facility construction industry and as a result invited 5 of their members to visit us. To date we have met with 2 companies and a 3rd is on hold due to the Covid issues.
John Wharton & I have met representatives from two Running Track installation companies and we await their submissions.

Recently John & I also met representatives from Sports England who in turn offer their advice on the next steps in terms of running track options be it porous or non porous surfaces etc and we await their further guidance.
Progress to date has been somewhat slow and frustrating and all due to the ongoing Covid restrictions but I will keep you all informed.
The wish for us to have our own running track is a massive challenge ahead for all of us involved in the club given the likely cost of such a installation and the ongoing maintenance costs not to mention the relatively small number of members we have but it’s work in progress so let’s see where our next meeting with Sports England & Broads Authority takes us .

Finally, see below a remarkable picture showing the impact a running track would have on our ground!!

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