… and thank yous from John

Congratulations and thanks to Ken Hurst for taking on the role of Coaching Committee Chair. I’m sure Ken and his team will bring fresh ideas, interesting and beneficial changes.
I thoroughly enjoyed my ten years as CCC (albeit there were difficult times). I was ably supported by great coaches and CC members. My heartfelt thanks to them all.
The changes that took place over those ten years have been enormous. Membership growth, athlete performance, club performance, training facilities and the dedication of coaches have been way beyond expectation.
I am reluctant to single anyone out from CC because all have given so much but I will thank Potty, who was chair before me, will have done 12 years on CC and will still be there.
May I also thank Graham Sampson and Mik Carr who have stood down from CC. All members have a lot to thank them for.

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