Around and about (1st December 2019)

Caister cross country
Bobbie Sauerzapf reports:
Wednesday 20 November, aka ‘Hell on the Beach’. Commonly accepted as the hardest cross country most people had ever run.  Chris Chorley, Rob Hall and Michael Cooke ran 10km, Christine Muttitt, Emma Meiring, Lin Hunt and I ran 5km.

Horsford cross country

Simon Sparkes reports:
Today (Sunday), Rob Hall, Michael Cook and I ventured out for the 2nd of Horford’s XC series.  Four 1.5 mile laps (3 laps for women).  Climbing over fallen trees, splashing through a couple of waist high smelly muddy pits, fallen leaves hiding ankle deep mud, narrow tracks lined with holly bushes.  Not many places where you could get into your pace. And then repeat until you have clocked the required number of laps. Definitely a challenging cold wet and muddy off road run.

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