Around and About (27th October 2019)

Thurlow 10 miler
Bobbie Sauerzapf reports:
On Sunday 20 October in lovely rolling south Suffolk (5 mile option also available). Chris Chorley 73.01, Bobbie 87.23

Blickling Hall night run
Bobbie Sauerzapf reports:
We did this 7km event on Saturday night (with the mutts). Lovely route but rather damp (and we managed to start 20 minutes late!)

Venice marathon / 10k
Robin Ashe reports:
Karen Gedge ran the 10k (although it was 11k!) in 66 minutes. Bob Paul ( 4 hrs 43m ) and I (4hrs 51m) ran the marathon. The route and the organisation was excellent. The flat course ended in the centre of Venice with fourteen bridges in the last one and a half miles. It was much warmer than forecast at 25c which made it hard at times.

photo courtesy of Christine Ashe

Rugby half marathon
Sarah Sparkes reports:
Simon and me completed Rugby half marathon this morning (Sunday).  Lovely dry and sunny challenging route two laps with big hills up and downs including a track of doom for the last two miles.  Good on-course support and water station with sweets, bananas and oranges.  Nice finish line goodies and pre-ordered T shirt, in sensible size that fits me, age 16 size.  Would recommend if you are in the area.

Stort 30
Mike Carr reports:
Three Black Dogs enjoyed a technical, muddy endurance run along the River Stort today (Sunday).  I was third in my age group for the UK Middle Distance Ultra Marathon championship at 5:20. Jody Donaldson had a 31 min PB finishing in 5:52 and Rachel Hirst finished in 6:03 – a PB of about 55 minutes.  The weather was beautiful but we suffered from the recent rain. The mud was ankle deep in places making staying upright a challenge.  A very well organised event with great ‘feeding stations’.

photo courtesy of Rachel Hirst

National Trust 10k
Richard Crossland reports:
I’d highly recommend the free trail event at Blicking Hall. It’s self-timed , held on the fourth Sunday of each month and loops around the estate taking in some lovely scenery, though tranquil fields and woods. Happy with my time 48.20 and even happier to have only taken one tumble whilst running!

Southend Pier marathon
Alice Kirk reports:
At the very last minute, Stuart and I booked onto this crazy marathon. You run up and down the pier 11 times! It’s the world’s only marathon on a pier (1.3 miles long). The conditions were perfect, the sun gleaming, a head wind on the way back to the land. This really was a ‘mind over matter’ marathon, but was nice to cross over (and be lapped countless times) by the different runners. Stuart Young came home in 4.42, and me in 4.57 which we both are pleased with. A massive thank you to Jane who came and see us finish, and also made a visit to the turn around point at Stort 30 to see Rachel, Jody and Mik.

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