Around and About (2nd June 2019)

Mike Groves 10k
Rachel Hirst reports:

Sixteen Black Dogs (some of them pictured below) raced at RAF Coltishal in the Mike Groves 10k this morning (Sunday 2 June).  A combination of wind and heat made the event very challenging.  I think this is reflected in our times although Justine Fawcett, Bobbie Sauerzapf and I won the female veterans team award. Unfortunately the air ambulance was called to attend a casualty while several others needed treatment.  It really shows that we must not take our health and fitness for granted.

Banham Zoo 5K
Bobbie Sauerzapf reports:

Banham zoo 5k run for wildlife. Friday 2 May. A cracking 3 laps round the zoo (passing zebra, tigers, snow leopards, etc). 13 Chris 20.30, 54 Bobbie 26.17, 86 Ed Phillips 28.46, 146 Stacey Remblance 34.35. Apologies to any other Black Dogs present; the website doesn’t name clubs.

EACCL Summer race at Brandon Country Park

Bobbie Sauerzapf reports:
Wednesday 29 May. The first EACCL Summer race at Brandon Country Park. Super trek through Thetford Forest. Rob Hall and Bobbie did five miles.

Betteshanger Marathon
Robin Farrar reports:

I ran the Betteshanger Marathon, near Deal in Kent on Saturday evening. This was 13 laps on tarmac around a country park. Rather hot conditions did not help, coupled with a half mile slope which got steeper as the run progressed. The flat bits had a cooling headwind which also hampered progress.  5:17:49 and ran from 5pm to 10.20pm, finishing in the dark.

Stockholm Marathon
Bob Paul reports:

Saturday  (1 June) I completed the Stockholm Marathon in 4.27.57, lovely course, a bit undulating, and good running weather.

Cake or Death Ultra

Jody Donaldson reports:

Andrew Manning (pictured below) and I travelled to the Welsh coast for the Cake or Death Ultra, a 271 mile event over five days. Andrew was running it and I was his crew.

He managed 123 miles, 22,085ft of elevation in 46hrs 26min before the medic told him he was out due to a massive blister. It was an excellent event and he will be going back next year.

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