Around and About (19th May)

Wroxham 5k

Bobbie Sauerzapf reports:

The first of a three race series over this fast, flattish course in Broadland was held on Wednesday (15 May). The Black Dog results were: 6 Joseph Smith 16.15 gun/16.15 chip, 160 Harry Smith 20.12/20.03, 198 Chris Chorley 20.49/20.35, 318 David Smith 22.47/22.23, 388 Kevin Clark 24.00/23.30, 425 Bob Paul 24.42/24.08, 483 Bobbie Sauerzapf 25.57/25.14, 512 Alice Kirk 26.18/25.44, 559 Kate Smith 27.12/26.38, 588 Karen Gedge 27.53/27.09, 602 Philip Neave 27.50/27.21, 636 Jane Pattison 28.50/28.15, 651 Ira Smith 29.35/28.52, 661 Joanna Longe 30.17/29.28, 663 Vinny Meadows 30.06/29.31, 698 Rachel Allen 32.27/31.33, 719 Graham Sampson 34.26/33.31, 741 Elizabeth Allen 37.55/37.00.

Archdeacon’s Charge

Bobbie Sauerzapf reports:
On Saturday (18 May) Chris and I did 15km trail running at Sandringham in aid of the Air Ambulance (which put in an appearance too). Cracking three lap route through the forest and parkland with deer watching.

Colchester Zoo Stampede

Rachel Hirst reports:

Seven Black Dogs – Jayne Capps Jenner (57:49) , Rachel Hirst (57:47), Sarah (59:1) and Simon Sparkes (48:27), Bridget Law (1:08:54), Karen (1:04:24) and Hannah Waters (1:04:22) – ran this hilly 10k.  We were rewarded with a fabulous goodie bag, t shirt, medal and a trip round the zoo.  The catering was spot on with realistic prices. It was a very early start but so worth it.

Chase the Train

Tony Morley reports:

Today (Sunday) saw a handful of Black Dogs take on this 8.9 mile race along the Bure Valley railway track from Aylsham to Wroxham.  Calm conditions, beautiful scenery and the offer of the train ride back to the start spurred us on. Robbie James and Bobbie Sauerzapf were first Black Dogs home, with full results here.
Apologies to Robbie and Rose Stride missing from the photo)

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