Around and About (4th August 2019)

Club 5k Handicap
Ken Hurst reports:
The fifth and penultimate race of our monthly 5k Handicap season produced some great running on a warm evening and a hatful of PBs and course PBs. Edging ever closer to the perfect straight line handicap finish, everyone crossed the finish line in a span of a little over four minutes. The medals went to Gus Riley (gold), Nigel Kingwell (silver) and Tracey Alger (bronze).
The full results were: 1 Gus Riley elapsed time 40:15, actual time 27:36; 2 Nigel Kingwell 41:19/26:46; 3 Tracey Alger 42:31/27:31; 4 Nick Goodge 42:52/23:19; 5 David Neeve 43:03/19:44; 6 Glenn Orford 43:19/22:38; 7 Andy Bailey 43:26/23:28; 8 Dinah Foster 44:10/38:59; 9 Sarah Wilby  44:26/44:26; 10 Simon Sparkes 44:51/23:12.
Many thanks to marshals Jayne Capps-Jenner, Sabrina Norton, Sarah Sparkes, HannahMaee Taylor and Chris Mason.
The final race of the season takes place on Thursday 5 September. Enter as soon as you like by emailing me.
Below (photo courtesy Jo Lockhart): Medal winners Tracey, Gus and Nigel.

Vanguard Way Marathon
Alice Kirk reports:

Stuart and I had a early start on our way to East Croydon where we completed this marathon. It was advertised as hilly and a challeng and lived up to its reputation. It was an out and back, which played mind games. The whole route was trail, quite technical in places, through gorgeous scenery and, yes, the hills were relentless – they were so steep (the tallest being 800 feet at 100%) that I regularly had to stop to catch my breath. We ran over 2500 feet elevation in total, with only three aid stations; for an August marathon it really was hard. We got a nice medal and T-shirt, and can’t quite walk properly now, but definitely one to get on that bucket list if anyone fancies a challenging marathon.

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