BARC maintenance update

A big thank you to Robin Ashe & Gus Riley for donating their time on Friday to fill in the electrical wire and water installation trenches including the physically demanding task of securing the sleeper posts. BARC now looks far less like a poorly maintained recycling site after the earlier work party levelled and seeded grass where the old hedge was and this work. As the hedge establishes and the scars of the trenches disappear, the appearance will improve after a year of turmoil. Obviously these works have been delayed due to COVID. The next major expenditure is the cabling, to be done as soon as the electrician can complete it. The plumbing for the water has been completed FoC by club members. There still remain many small tasks to return BARC to its ‘cared for’ appearance. To contribute to these tasks please get in touch with club chair or vice chair.

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