BARC update

John Wharton has been very busy keeping the site maintained but there is a limit to how much one person can do.

I have asked John to put together a maintenance programme for the coming weeks and seek volunteers to help out, now that we are allowed to get out and about in the fresh air without limits on time and journeys.

You will be able to book in your time using the same system as the track training mentioned above.

This is to ensure that numbers on site are kept within the guidelines (no more than 2 people in a group unless from the same family) and are able to work at a safe distance (more than 2 metres) from each other.

The jobs are varied: Finish staking and securing the new hedge membrane, clipping the membrane to the centre fence, picking up loose stones and putting these at the base of the hedge plants, collecting all burnable rubbish and putting into small heaps, clearing vegetation behind the garden area, emulsion painting the interior of the changing rooms, weeding and raking over the sand pit and levelling out non-grass area adjacent to the long jump pit.

John will leave instructions and equipment for all the jobs which will be left in an accessible place. Please help out where you can. None of the jobs require huge amounts of time but collectively cannot be left to one person.

Please support where you can.

Sadly, at the end of April, BARC was targeted by thieves in a spate of break-ins in the area.

Sports facilities, community buildings and even a church were robbed of mostly horticultural equipment.

Our losses are under £500 but there was damage to the site requiring some remedial work to make it safe.

The CCTV system was disabled (cameras stolen) so no evidence – they knew what they were doing! The Police have been informed and our case will be part of a wider investigation to find the culprits.

Many thanks to John Wharton and Robin Ashe who helped on the day the break-in was discovered.

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