BBDRC Invitational Duathlon

BBDRC Invitational Du Athlon & BBQ July 24th at BARC

This event has the lot! Social, competitive, fun, rivalry, humour, motivational, camaraderie, get to know people, food, trophies & most of all great fun.

Entries are coming in from the other invited clubs.  BBDRC entries are lagging behind!  Help rectify this anomaly by getting your team or individual entry in as soon as you can.  Be a great shame if entry is full & you have not entered. Follow the entry form link here.  Return to John Wharton

Provided there is a minimum of two teams per category, there will be trophies for the following categories in both events.


Club A Team award: This is for the nominated team that is representing their club

Family Team:            All in the team are related. By blood or marriage, minimum age 14years.

Male Team:

Female Team:

Mixed Sex Team:

Fastest Individual Run Leg:

Fastest Individual Cycle Leg:

Possibly Age category trophies:


While the Du Athlon is taking place a junior event will be taking place.  All invited clubs are invited to enter juniors. Age group graded.

Junior events will be.


Mini Du Athlon: off road in BARC





Sports Hall events

Standing Long Jump

Standing High Jump

Triple Jump


BBQ for members, competitors, friends & family from 13:00hrs

Ice Cream Van



Bungay bakers are asked if they could bake a cake & bring it along on the day.


Of course all the above needs organising, marshalling, recording & supervising.  If you are not taking part due to injury or resting for other competitions, please could you offer to help on the day.  Alternatively if you have family or friends that would be willing to help, they woulds be welcomed with open arms. Contact me with all offers of help.

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