BBDRC Lockdown Extravaganza (22nd November 2020)

An amazing 51 Black Dogs took part in the 5k last week. I think the only way to describe it was inspirational. Great to see some juniors getting involved too. The age gradings work for all ages.
In the women’s event Jo Andrews is leading the way. I think there’s a battle on for the top 5 with Christine Muttitt, Bobbie Sauerzapf, Jayne Capps-Jenner and Eloise Morran setting up the competition nicely.
Byron McGill (blushes) won a very tight men’s event only beating Jay Hernandez by virtue of the fact he is a year older and they both only pipped Jason Hurst by clocking PBs. Richard Aukland also looks like a dark horse coming in 4th with another sub-20!!
As well as the top 2 men there were a further 7 PBs from Soph Barnard, Lucy English, Fudge Farrar, Mandy Moore, Penny Pullinger, Steve Morran and Jamie Holland.
Resubmissions are allowed and it’s great to see that extra bit of effort turning Kevin Clark’s performance from Silver to Gold and Gold to Diamond for Bobbie Sauerzapf.
For those running to achieve your age grades have a look at the %s used a few people are really close to the next grade up. It would be awesome to see some people breaking into the next level up over the weeks. If you want to see the standards for your age in advance of your run to know what to aim for you can use the calculator on the club website under senior’s info. The full results are here.

I can’t wait to get the results from the 5 mile event this week. Loads of PBs have been broken so there’ll be bonus points flying around aplenty. Next week is the mile and don’t forget that results need to be submitted on this link by 6pm each Sunday.

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