BBDRC Lockdown Extravaganza

This year has been extremely unusual for the normal running calendar of events (understatement, I know) and as we are now once again in a national lockdown we are launching our “Lockdown Extravaganza” event to have some inter-club competition before the end of the year in lieu of the normal Grand Prix and DOGGED and provide something for you all to use as age grading submissions for 2020 if you haven’t completed at least three official events this year. There will even be awards for the winners too! So here we go…

  • There is a different distance assigned to each of the next 4 weeks.
    • w/c 9th November – 5k
    • w/c 16th November – 5 mile
    • w/c 23rd November – 1mile
    • w/c 30th November – 10km
  • Each week run the distance and submit your time to the event page on the club website by 6pm each Sunday.
  • Everyone’s times will have an age grading % applied to even up the field and give more runners the chance to win a week.
  • There will be male and female winners each week which will be announced on the Facebook group and in the following week’s newsletter.
  • There will also an overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd male and female winners at the end of the 4 weeks
  • Scoring will be based on the Grand Prix system (winner gets 100 points, 2nd 99, 3rd 98 and so on)
  • Bonus points will be available for a PB or completing the distance for the first time – to even up the field even more.
  • Additional bonus points will be available for anyone completing all 4 weeks
  • Any week’s time can also be used as an age grading qualifying time to supplement any that have been missed due to lack of events (age grading submissions will still be made at the end of the year as normal).
  • Please make sure that you participate in a safe way and in conjunction with government guidelines – full guidance can be found on the event page
  • We’d love to see all of your efforts over the 4 weeks so don’t please get involved by posting your selfies on the Facebook BBDRC members group.

If you have any questions please email me and good luck! Thank you to Chris Chorley for getting the website sorted so quickly for this.

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