BBDRC News W/b 14th Nov 2016

Welcome to the Senior Members’ Area.   BBDRC has a very successful senior section which welcomes all athletes regardless of speed or ability.

On Tuesdays we meet at 18:30–19:30 for speed training, repetitions, and hill sessions with our Athletics Coaches.  During the tri season this may be followed at 19:45 by a ‘turbo’ training session or ride out.

On Thursdays we have various runs available starting at 18:00 and 18:30. These are followed by announcements at 19:30. Throughout the year we have unofficial Sunday runs with all our weekly training details posted in our newsletter, and published on Facebook.

Unless otherwise advised in the newsletter, all weekly sessions take place at the ‘Bungay Area Running Centre’ (BARC), our home training ground, situated near to The Maltings Pavilion, Pernhow Street, Ditchingham.


REMEMBERANCE DAY RUN: Black Dogs Paul Bird, Becky Wass and David Neeve show off their Stebbing 10 poppy medals

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