BFoR – Our Big Day

Our biggest day of the year is next Sunday and we have 1273 entries including 117 Black Dogs with runners coming from all over the UK and Europe.

If you are helping, you already know what you are doing or will be asked this week, and if you haven’t volunteered and can help just come along, there will be things to do.

Parking at BARC is limited for helpers at BARC, especially if you are bringing children; otherwise please use the race day parking in town, and courtesy bus, more details are on our website.

Please do not park in Broome or Ditchingham as we do not wish to upset our neighbours . If you are helping on the day and wish to collect your race number on Saturday please email Bobbie before. 

At BARC there will be a large marquee, changing tents, tombola, St John, massage, baggage drop, Sportlink, Food vendors, beer tent, ice cream van, mobile toilets, and our club photographers taking pictures of us all. Our club facilities will be open, but we will not direct non club members there unless necessary.

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