Chair’s update

Kit Co-ordinator

I am delighted to announce that Fudge Farrar has volunteered to take on this role. Please submit any queries/ideas you have about our kit to Fudge.

Age grading/special awards

We had hoped that we would be able to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements and special service awards in a presentation at BARC. This seems ever less likely with the changes in Government guidance for Covid. We have decided that recipients will be able to collect their mementos from club on Tuesdays at effort sessions from 23 September. The awards will be laid out in alphabetical order on a table (either under or outside of the canopy). If I can have a volunteer or two to help with setting up and clearing away, that would be great. Please LOOK without touching to see where your named trophy is and then pick it up. Please do not pick up, check and then put down, for obvious reasons. You can collect someone else’s too. Hand sanitizer will be on the table. Please note that in line with the updated systems outlined by our coaching team, this is not the place to stand and chat; it must be done as swiftly as possible to avoid crowding. If successful, we will continue until as many as possible have been collected. Thank you.

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