Club 2.6 Exploits

Byron’s Mere-athon
Byron McGill writes:
For my 2.6 challenge I completed 26 laps of the Meres in Brooke in under an hour – 9.5 miles in total. Even got a medal and I’m told it’s a course and world record.

Jo and Freddie’s bike-athon
Jo Cox writes:
Freddie and I were inspired by everyone else in the club’s fund raising activities.  We decided to do an impromptu 26.2K bike ride on Sunday afternoon and made a donation to the Roy Castle Foundation.

Jo’s marathon for EA Air Ambulance
Jo Christopher writes:
I ran the London Marathon in four sections over a week and added £126.60 to my EAAA fundraising.

Tanya and Anna’s 2.6 challenge
Anna Gray writes:
On Sunday 26 April, Tanya Holloway and I took part in this challenge.  We started from our own homes running 1/2 mile laps of the block, keeping a safe distance through out. The aim was to raise money for a charity that’s personal to Tanya (the Danny Green Fund).  We had amazing local support with neighbours sitting outside their houses cheering us on. We even had a sprinkler station to keep us cool as it was a very warm morning. Tom Pullinger recorded our challenge via a drone (footage on Tanya’s Facebook page).  So far we have raised over £1,000 – the generosity has been unbelievable.

Team Rickards
Jules Rickards writes:
I was over the moon to get a ballot place to run VMLM for BBDRC this year; ExCel where we’d have collected our numbers is now a field hospital and like so many I still struggle to comprehend these uncertain times.  But…never wanting to turn down a challenge, I’m running for 26.2 minutes every day for the next 26 days and just as an extra challenge I will also refrain from any alcoholic beverages! 18 days to go for me and I’ve raised over £230 so far for Alzheimer’s UK, a charity very close to our family’s hearts. Yesterday Noah joined me for my 26.2 minutes:


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