Club Survey Response

I’m writing to update with an initial response to the recent club survey. We had many positive comments, suggestions and some challenges too, which is what we’d hoped for.

1.We’ve pulled together these major themes from the survey responses:
2.Lockdown activities for members – virtual yoga sessions, etc.
3.More motivational running events and challenges like Byron’s ‘Race Yourself’.
4.Clearer, more visible and regular communications on club matters, large and small.
5.A more structured approach to publicity and marketing of new club events and initiatives.
6.More emphasis on proactive member retention with ‘talk before you walk’ plans.

We had some great support ideas for lockdown and beyond which we are looking to implement over the next few months.

This is where you come in…could you offer to organise one of these schemes, either yourself or by teaming up with a clubmate or two? Maybe you could create a fun challenge for members on our social media pages?

Please help us to make things even better by contacting in the first instance.

Thank you

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