Coaching Comes Back

When I was approached to fill JW’s size 12s as chair of coaching, who knew that all our worlds would be turned upside down and inside out?
But it’s a time to get on with it as best I can.
First, the elephant in the room (if there is one). You don’t have to look at social media for long – including our own club FB threads – to see there are all shades of opinion about what we should or shouldn’t be doing.
Some feel they/we can still go running where we want, as hard as we want, as far as we want, for as long as we want. Steadier voices point to the consequences to the NHS of, for example, a mishap to a lone runner on a lonely road.
Our senior coaches decided there’s only one piece of unequivocal advice BBDRC can promote. STAY HOME.
That makes it tough to train and even tougher to coach.
But our team is going to try and we’ve spent the week working out how.
We reckoned you’d prefer to be coached by your mates rather than some anonymous American gym jockey so the Tuesday BARC team and a guest coach or two will use their ingenuity, their smart phone mics, their cameras, their sitting rooms and their back gardens to put together some training sessions for you.
It’s early days and the challenge will be to sustain it and try to build a bit of a session library.
Our first Coach of the Week is Jackie Bell.
Good luck.

All videos can be viewed hereĀ 

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