Covid 5k challenge

It is great to have fresh competitors in the Covid challenge, but a great shame that those that did the previous challenge haven’t entered the 5k event. Never the less, there are some excellent times. All competitors have set a base time that they can challenge themselves to improve on as the series progresses.

The podium positions this week include the oldest & youngest females. In first place Christine Muttitt, second place Annabelle Jackson and Judith Masters tight on their heels in third place. Let’s have some males on the podium next week.

If you did not enter this week don’t worry, you are still eligible to enter the rest of the series. Rules:- Measure your own 5k route. Use same route each week. Run at any time in the week. Entries to me by 18:00 on Saturday.

This weeks competition is to run your route in the opposite direction. The challenge is to improve or get as close to your first time as you can. Listen to weather forecast and choose day in week that suits you best. This week’s results are here.

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