DOGGED 2019 results

In 2019 our senior athletes logged over 26477 miles between them in nearly 1000 different events.

That’s the distance around the world and a little bit more.

Thank you to everybody who contributed to this magnificent total. The man and the woman with the greatest total miles win the DOGGED challenge and, new for 2019, all others who completed 365 miles or more in events will be recognised with the ‘One Year Wonder Dogs’ award.  Winners are:
Paul Bird (978 Dogged miles);  Alice Kirk (869 Dogged miles);  Bobbie Sauerzapf (772);  Chris Chorley (722);  Rachel Hirst (714);  Stuart Young (654);  Sean Symonds (624);  Simon Sparkes (557);  Michael Ball (523);  Rosemarie Ball (516);  Karen Gedge (515);  Jody Donaldson (444);  Sarah Sparkes (419);  Graham Sampson (419);  Tim Hirst (378); Jane Pattison (375); Rob Hall (369).
The competition will run again in 2020.

If any member wishes to opt out they can do so by emailing Paul.

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