DOGGED: Distance Over Ground Gained with Extreme Determination

The competition is open to BBDRC members only. It is not about speed, it is about distances completed. You could come last in every event you entered and still win as long as you rack up the mileage. It is to encourage club members to get out there and take part in as many diverse events as possible and ANYONE can win. Here is a brief reminder of the rules:

  • The competition usually runs from January 1st to December 31st each year, EXCEPT in 2021 when it runs only from July 1st to December 31st.
  • Road races, cross country (with or without dogs), off road / trail, running stages of Triathlons/Duathlons, relay stages in running events, parkrun and similar organised events are all eligible to be included.
  • Ultra-runs will be included so long as the distance is completed within 26.2 hours (or otherwise mileage will be taken at that point in time).

The following criteria must be satisfied for a race result to be valid:

  • It is not just a social run.
  • The timing and results for the event are provided either by BBDRC, a UKA registered club or recognised timing organisation or race director.
  • It is conventional ‘in person’ attended event. Sorry ‘virtual’ events do not count.
  • The event must have a measured distance (Cross Country/off road events are based on organiser or GPS estimates).
  • Athletes finish the full course distance unassisted.

How to enter. You can opt in to the competition simply by claiming your total number of qualifying miles here:

Dogged Claim Form

Athletes are encouraged to update their mileage claim to date towards the end of each quarter, but BEFORE the end of the quarter. Only your latest claim will be used for interim and end of year results, so remember to always claim your total qualifying miles for the year, not just the additional miles since your last claim. At the end of the year the claim form will remain available for the first few days of January to capture year end totals.

Mileage claims will be accepted on trust, although those claiming the highest totals (and possible awards) will also be invited to submit a list of their individual events for verification, and will be given the opportunity to correct any inadvertent mistakes.

Keep a record of your qualifying events in any way that suits you. If you are happy using spreadsheets then an Excel template can be downloaded here. It includes columns for all the details which will be useful if you are invited to verify your claim.

Remember to record all distances in MILES. Convert kilometres to miles by multiplying by 0.621 and round to 1 decimal place. For popular distances in kilometres, use the following approximations: 5km (including parkrun) = 3.1 miles; 10km = 6.2 miles; 50km = 31.1 miles; 100km = 62.1 miles.

Paul Bird will administer the competition this year. For any queries about DOGGED in the first instance please email Paul.

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