From The Chair

Over the past few months, main committee have been working on the strategic direction of the club for the next 3 years. As owners of the site, we can plan it’s development without fear of being asked to move out! Led by Andy Thornton, many ideas on how the club should develop have been fully discussed to form a ‘road map’, which we can now share with you all. We had hoped that we would have the opportunity to share this in the usual way during ‘parish news’ on Thursdays. However, for obvious reasons, this has not been possible. The road map will be posted to every club member household next week. It is a comprehensive plan covering 4 perspectives: financial, internal, external and people/culture. As with any plan, we are aware that some objectives will be easier to achieve than others. For example – an all-weather track. A small work party met with The Broads Authority in April and it is evident that there are many obstacles to be cleared before we even get close to planning permission! However, this does not detract from our short, medium and long term goals but it is important to recognise that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Some objectives will take longer to meet than others. There will be regular reviews of the road map processes and progress and it will be monitored and reviewed by main committee. It is an on-going process and the overall timescale will as time passes, extend post July 2022.
Andy has written a covering letter to accompany the road map and has kindly offered to answer questions that you may have. We welcome feedback and your views as much as we will depend on the input from club members, with a wide-ranging set of skills that can help to take some of the objectives forward. The success of our plan will rely heavily on active involvement of club members and we all look forward to seeing our club develop. Our overall objective is: ‘By 2024, we will be the best community running club in East Anglia, welcoming and accessible to all’.

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