From the Chair

It’s been a great few weeks reading all the posts about the miles being run in the LEJOG Challenge – what an excellent incentive to get out to exercise and have a bit of healthy competition. The debate about who ‘technically’ won the race has been good natured and funny to read too. I understand there is an even longer challenge to follow but this time, all pulling together to clock up the miles. There will even be a prize or two!

Even more exciting is the news that the Coaching Team and COVID Co-ordinator, Gus Riley, have been working hard behind the scenes to get the on-site training programmes ready (more about that below). Thank you to you all.

Well done to the ‘Nutters’ (that’s the challenge) who have been putting some high mileage on their legs. Hats off and well done to each of you.

Please have a read of these sensible tips to consider when pulling on your trainers to go out and about, especially when running solo. From the BBC news site: Eight tips for feeling safe when you go out running.

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