From the Chair

Work party
Please can you spare a few hours on Saturday 28 September to help with some of the BARC site jobs that need completing before we lose the best of the light/weather. Between 10.00 am – 6.00 pm, John and his trusty team will be on site. You don’t have to stay all day, just the hours that you can spare. There is a sign-up list at BARC – please have a look to see if there are any skills/specific jobs that you can do. General helpers accommodated too. Fish & chips lunch included.

Welcome ambassadors
We are looking to form a team of 4-6 members to meet and greet new club members. It would be nice if new members were quickly identified and ‘shown the ropes’. It can be incredibly nerve wracking to come to club for the first time and see everyone chatting but not to you because nobody knows you are new.
The idea is that a shout out goes up five minutes before training gets underway, for anyone that is new to be taken to one side by the ambassador/s who will explain how the sessions work and then identify someone in the appropriate group to buddy up with. With beginners coming through to main sessions on a regular basis, we need to make sure we give them the support needed to keep coming. Please speak to me, John or Karen this week if you can help out.

Summer Series club awards
This Thursday (25 September) the winners of the BBDRC members awards for the 10k Summer Series will be presented. The winners are: Harry Alcock, David Neeve, Matt Ife, Jon Wiles, Simon Smith, Rob Hall, Tony Morley, Terry Garrity , Ken Hurst, Sian O’Sullivan, Tanya Holloway , Joanna Christopher , Jo Andrews, Judith Sadler, Angie Jones, Hazel Garrity, Christine Muttitt.
Please come along to the presentation even if you are not planning to run. Well done everyone.

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