From the Coaching Team

We hope you are enjoying training back at BARC on Tuesday evenings. Just to remind you, both the session plans for the two Development Groups are exactly the same. There is no fast group/slow group split, both sessions are on time and not distance.

When you book your session on the Eventbrite site below, could you please remember which group you have chosen, either the group on the Main Track (MT) or the Inner Training Track (ITT). There has been a bit of confusion with runners not sure of which group they have booked on to when they arrive. Your coach will be in position on the field to brief you on the session.

The times are remaining the same – 5.30pm and 6.45pm. There will be up to eight runners in the Improvers Group and up to 12 runners in each of the two Development Groups. Please remember, if you can’t make a session could you cancel your booking on the Eventbrite site. Could you also please make separate bookings for partners or family members.

Tues 5.30pm:

Tues 6.45pm:

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