Ipswich event

The Park City Ipswich Jaffa Junior Cross Country relays have gone virtual this year. There are races for teams of 3, male, female and mixed. Under 11, Under 13, 2k. Under 15, Under 17, 3k. Competitors must be 9 on the day of the event (Friday 16th October) and no older than 17 on 1st September 2020. Each team will have 3 days to complete the challenge from 9am Friday 16th October until 5pm on Sunday 18th October. Teams do not run together due to Covid restrictions. Each runner runs by themselves at a time of their choice, records their run electronically e.g. Strava or Garmin and submits their results to me. Younger athletes must be accompanied by a responsible adult to ensure safety and validity of time and distance. You can arrange a team with your friends or if not I can put you in a team. Team names will also be useful please. If you are interested in taking part please email me. More details are on this document.

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