John’s Thoughts

These times are very testing. But there are so many stories I have heard of club members helping each other, either by shopping, phone & email contact.

Let’s us all try to contact at least a few club members every week.

It is so easy to think that a clubmate will be okay, they have this, that and the other.

Behind closed doors, without contact, no one knows if a person is struggling.

The initiative that Alice has taken in setting up a video link for members, is one such excellent act.

I would like to take this opportunity, to personally thank Alice for what she has done for us all as Club Captain over the past three years. She certainly wore her heart on her sleeve. Committed, genuine, selfless, determined, hard working with her own initiatives. It is fresh ideas & doing different things that keeps a club, fresh & vibrant.  Alice did all of this- a true breath of fresh air. I know it was hard work & time consuming, but very rewarding for her.  While initially she will miss the regular deluge of emails & never shrinking job list, very soon the newly found time will be much appreciated. Thank you Alice and welcome, Anna Gray!

Fortunately at the moment we can still go out for daily exercise. Use this time wisely, but stay with in government, rules and guidelines.  There are plenty of indoor, in the garden and online activities one can follow, if the daily exercise is not enough, or if the daily exercise is closed off, for all.

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