John’s Weekly Mile Challenge

Not entered before? You still can – select a one mile route that you can use each week. Email me your time by noon on Saturday.  Those that missed submitting their times for this week, can still do so, but again their points will be adjusted accordingly. It is worth submitting them though as points will be added and it gives you the base for the following weeks competition.

New blood at the front this week.  Just to prove that if you did not enter at the start of the series you can still be out there at the front.  In first place this week with a stunning time improvement is George Reed, second with as nearly good improvement is new entrant Richard Crossland, with Judith Sadler a good third, with the ever competitive Jo Andrews on her heels in fourth.  In the series, George Reed moves clear into first place, holding off Jo Andrews in second.  Third is William Reed, followed in fourth by his coach the pensioner with a big fizz Christine Muttit, showing the young ones that not all is lost with age!

Full results are in this spreadsheet.

This weeks challenge moves up a gear.  You choose when in the week to do it, finding the most suitable weather & day for you. There must be NO LOOKING at watches while running.  Run your route in which ever direction you wish. Then run a second mile on the same route in the other direction. The winner is the runner that has second mile time, nearest to the first time mile.  The recovery between the two runs is up to you.  I would suggest 10 minutes. However if you want it to be two days, or more, that is fine. No looking at watches while running!

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