John’s weekly Mile Challenge

Well done to all those that entered the first mile challenge.

Great to have the juniors involved. Positions are age graded and are available here.

Results: Potty 7sec behind Jo, Tess 19 behind Potty, Harry + 15 & Maria + 5. Points will accumulate each week.  At the end of the series, there will be senior & junior awards.

Now that the first one is completed, natural ability will be less significant, it will be more related to effort & improvement.

Missing the first one does not exclude you from entering subsequent ones. It will be great to have more entries.

This week’s mile challenge is to do the same course (you will always be using same course), but in reverse direction.

Finishing order will be best improved or closest to the first timed effort.

So the challenge is bettering your time or getting close as possible.

Improvement & effort is what will secure the most points, you all will be equally in with a chance of being on podium.

If you are entering for the first time, choose your mile route that you wish to use. One effort only no looking at watch while running, record your time & submit by Saturday noon.


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