Junior News (25/10)

It seems that the Thursday sessions at the moment are not as popular as Monday are so if your junior would like to train on a Thursday as well then please wait until the Tuesday before to book. This will allow the children that can only train on a Thursday to get their places. Could we also ask that should you need to cancel your session you do so ASAP on the Eventbrite site, this then allows others to book on. Thank you all so much it seems that we have a successful system. Here are the links:

Training fees reminder

From Monday 2 November 2020, all juniors and runners under the age of 18 will again pay £1 per training session fees. Please bring the exact money – NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN. There will be a container at the gate leading onto field for the money to be dropped into and then the juniors will enter the field and sanitize their hands.

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