Juniors News – Fitness Sessions and Training Plans

Fitness Sessions
This Monday, 18 January will be the first of the weekly Junior Zoom Fitness Sessions being held while we are in lockdown. The start time is 18.30 hours for the duration of 40 minutes. This will be for all abilities and as you know I like my sessions to be fun. You will need an area where you can safely lay on the floor and room for your arms legs to be taken to the side. If you have a gym mat have it ready to use; if you don’t have one a towel or blanket will do. Here is the link for the session:
Topic: Junior Fitness Session
Time: Jan 18, 2021 06:30 PM London
For the link and password please see the club newsletter.
We need parenteral permission for your child(ren) to anticipate in this zoom call. By using this link you automatically confirm your consent to the BBDRC.

Training plans
Here are two training plans for the juniors may like to do in lockdown next week.
Rules: Only train where it is safe. The older juniors please get permission from a parent to run on the roads and tell them where you plan to train. An adult is to accompany a younger junior. In the evening wear a fluorescent top with reflective strips. Take a torch not only so you can see where you are going but also so other road users can see you. In dull weather during the day wear a bright top. A recovery day to be taken between each plan. Finally, as all these juniors know, do a warm up and cool down.

Plan1: Whippets 3x 1000m Recovery 3 minutes. Dalmatians 800m, 600m, 400m. Recovery is half your running time. Terriers 400m, 250m, 125m. Recovery is half your running time.

Plan 2: Whippets 5 sets x 3 min, 2 min, 1 min Recovery 1min between efforts. 2 minutes between sets. Dalmatians 4 sets x 3 min, 2 min, 1 min Recovery 1min between efforts. 2 minutes between sets Terriers​2 sets of 3 x 40s, 4 x 30s, 6 x 20s, 30s recovery between each effort, 2 minutes between sets.

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