LEJOG – The Team Captains Speak

Jo Cox writes:
Wow! What a truly amazing effort from the ladies’ team this week! I had thought we might get a chance to stop for a cream tea on the way, but we are already in Scotland, just outside Fort William! With 36 people submitting their runs we covered an incredible 708 miles, 81% of the distance, a real example of teamwork!
It was lovely to hear from you through the week with your stories, including one from Jayne Capps-Jenner who was attacked by a dog midway through her Tuesday efforts yet still soldiered on to add to our miles! Also a special mention to Fudge Farrar who ran a massive 51.4 miles this week and broke the submission sheet! However, as the numbers show every single mile you ran counted so well done to everyone and let’s see what we can do next week.

George Major writes:
Amazing job guys; 394 miles in a week gets us just past Wigan: ‘a monstrous scenery of slag-heaps, chimneys, piled scrap-iron, foul canals, paths of cindery mud criss-crossed by the prints of clogs.’ according to George Orwell. We’d better keep moving. Well done to everyone who has submitted a time so far.
Special mentions for Chris, Richard, Robin & Bob who each did more than a marathon’s worth of running last week, and to Byron and Tony who have been setting the fastest average pace. We’re going to need to get everyone involved if we’re going to keep up with the ladies, every run counts so keep them coming. And remember to send photos!

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