Message from the Coaching Team

Thank you so much for the great feedback after last week’s sessions. It is really good to be able to offer such a good choice of social runs and also Interval sessions at BARC.

There have been more updates from England Athletics, so we are amending this week’s training sessions at BARC to accommodate the most recent changes.

We are now able to have up to 12 runners in each group plus the run leader/coach. When you book your session via the Eventbrite links you will see a slight change to what the groups are now called. Improvers (formerly Tigers) will be on the Riverside track and this group will be limited to eight runners plus leader because of the track size. Both other groups are called Development and they will be split between the inner track and the main track. Both these groups will be running the same session plan. You can choose which track you would prefer to run on when you book your session but please don’t worry about whether the group is going to be too fast or too slow for your pace. All session plans will be on time and not distance for the foreseeable future. You will be running around a track, so it does not matter what your pace is. There is plenty of space on each track for overtaking, so two metre distancing can be observed at all times.

When you arrive at BARC, could you please go straight to the track you have booked on to. Your run leader will be there and deliver the pre-run briefing and go over the session plan with you at the trackside rather than in the car park.

If you arrive early for the later session please wait in your car until the field is clear of athletes before going to your track. As usual, please leave promptly after your session. Each group will leave the field one at a time

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