Message from the Coaching Team

We saw club running return to BARC this week with four session over two days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Despite being allowed only six in a group, there was a lively atmosphere on the field with three groups of runners in each session. There was lots of puffing and panting as runners pushed themselves in their efforts and everyone seemed to enjoy being back training with others. Advice from England Athletics is changing almost daily, so we’ll keep you up to date with what we can do at BARC. For this week, please book onto your session and join in the fun of group training. A big thank you to all our Coaches and LiRFs who have made this possible and thank you as well to all the runners who have made these sessions so enjoyable for everyone.

Jo Cox writes: After leading some social runs over the past few weeks, which have been thoroughly enjoyable, this week I took the opportunity to return to BARC for a club training session. It was so great to see everyone, at a distance! We split into 3 groups, just like old times, but on a much smaller scale! I had been asked to help run my session so that our group was self-contained, it worked really well as we ran our efforts on the main track with a staggered start and anyone over taking did so in the outside lane whilst the group was running on the inside. It was lovely to train at the club again and be able to participate in a structured session, pushing each other along. I have really missed this aspect of the training, so it was great to have an opportunity to run with others in this way again and I look forward to the next one.

And junior runner Edith Clark writes:

It is better running back at club than on my own. There are changes but the rules are easy to follow and it is still just as much fun.

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