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Last Sunday, the Prime Minister announced some changes to the restrictions in place for COVID-19. From Wednesday 13 May, we are ABLE to:

  • Spend more time outdoors in the fresh air
  • Meet one another from a different household, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed and you remain two metres apart
  • Exercise outside as often as wished, again following social distancing guidelines
  • Use outdoor sports courts/facilities, such as tennis/basketball, or a golf course. This can be with members of their own household, or one other person, as long as they stay more than 2 metres apart.

We are still UNABLE to:

  • Visit friends and families in their homes
  • Exercise in an indoor sports court, gym or leisure centre, or go to a swimming pool
  • Use an outdoor gym or playground
  • Visit a private or ticketed attraction
  • Gather in a group of two or more (excluding members of the same household), except for a few exceptions – funerals, house moves or emergencies

While we are unable to train at BARC in our usual way, we are undertaking risk assessments and planning for when we can return to normal when restrictions are lifted. We have no idea how long this will take so in the meantime there are still some great initiatives and activities to get involved in and to keep in contact with each other: weekly training plans in the newsletter, virtual competitive running initiatives (Byron’s relay and Ekiden are both going ‘virtual’ – details below), Zoom club chat meetings, The Book Club (new members welcome), ‘Where am I’ and photograph competitions, WhatsApp groups and distanced friendship running challenges.
We have an event ready to roll out when we are able to, which involves running, eating and having a beer or two, plus being able to talk, laugh and just enjoy being together again. Camping will be allowed overnight at BARC for those brave enough!  All to be revealed when we can!
At this week’s main committee meeting it was suggested and agreed that BARC will be available to use in one hour bookable slots. This will allow family groups, or a minimum of two friends, to choose when they would like to train (during daylight hours only) and run on the track. Colleagues are busy finalising the H&S/risk assessments required, with further details being announced when complete. This is free to club members.

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