Groggy Doggy

Groggy Doggy Cross Country

2021 Event

Thank you to everyone who ran, who marshalled, Outney Commoners especially David Utting, Carol Townshend & David Sprake, The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Reeve of Bungay, Bungay and District Golf Club, Outney Meadow campsite and the MED VTS first aid crew. We will let you know how much we collected for PACT Sanctuary shortly.

The prize of one canicross lesson from Tom Moore, East Suffolk Canicross (East-Suffolk-Canicross) went to Farley running with Jane Albery. For those who enjoyed running with their dog, and would like more info on canicross, from harness fitting assistance to classes get in touch with Tom at East Suffolk Canicross. The report on the day is here: Canicross Lesson Report.

The total donated to PACT (for tea & coffee) was £130.89 which will help towards feeding and veterinary costs. 


 Any enquiries – please email us on


Approximate timetable: 10.25 safety briefing, 10.30 8 – 12 race starts, 10.50 last junior returns and cani-runners start, 10.55 human runners start. 12.30 prize presentation.

Distances: 8-12: 1.5 mile lap | All others: 2.6 miles 1 lap, 5.2 miles 2 laps

2019 Event

Thank you to everyone who ran yesterday, who marshalled, Outney Commoners especially David Utting, Tracey Abell, Judy Cloke (Reeve), St John Ambulance especially Michael Atterwill (deputising for the Mayor). This year we raised £137.89 for PACT Animal Sanctuary, Hingham; we took 40kg of food (human) to Waveney Foodbank and around four times that in dog and cat food to PACT. Both charities are very grateful.


The 2019 trophies and medals looked like this. (Made by Steve Sadd, Norfolk Gazelles)

2018 Event

Many thanks to all who ran today, the marshals, The Commoners and St John Ambulance. 

Special thanks to those who brought animal food and/or gave a donation to PACT. We had an awesome £168.62 in the donation tin! 


Results 9-12

Results 13-16

Results 1 Lap with Dog

Results 1 Lap no Dog

Results 2 Lap with Dog

Results 2 Lap no Dog


Groggy Doggy Prizewinners 2018

9-12 yearsFemaleTess Andrews
MaleBilly Eccles
13-16 yearsFemaleBrooke Oram
MaleJoseph Smith
1 Lap SeniorFemaleSabrina Norton
MaleMark Smith
DogDougal with Seb Herrod
2 LapsFemaleJo Andrews
MaleColin High
DogBenji with Lee Cook
Muddiest RunnerOscar (no. 253) with dad and family dog
Best Fancy DressNick Hammond (Fram Flyers) for his pink wig number

2017 Event

Thank you to all the runners, SJAB, the Mayor and Reeve and marshals for coming and running or helping on Boxing Day.

Thanks for taking part in our little event and, on behalf of PACT Animal Sanctuary, Thank You for your generosity. We also gave the unopened milk, teabags and biscuits to Foodbank.

Happy New Year. BBDRC


Results 9-12 Race updated 27-12-17

Results 13-16 Race updated 31-12-17

Results 1 Lap No Dog updated 31-12-17

Results 1 Lap with Dog

Results 2 Laps No Dog

Results 2 Laps with Dog


9-12 yearsFemaleAmelia Webber
MaleHarry Smith
13-16 yearsFemaleLucy Emmett
MaleTai Elvin-Andrews
1 Lap SeniorFemaleTess Addy
MaleTom Persich
DogAlan with James Kershaw
2 LapsFemaleColleen-Nicole Mukuya
MaleWill Clarke
DogRonan with Chris Lockhart
Muddiest RunnerGraham Coulter
Best Fancy DressNick Hammond for his gold lame hotpants number

2016 Event

Thanks to all who ran or assisted at the 2016 Groggy Doggy. We had over 300 finishers, 2016 results below. Thanks to everyone who donated snippets of information to help iron out the wrinkles in the results.

Bungay Boxing Day 2016 Groggy Doggy Run.


9-12 yearsFemaleGrace Forster
MaleJack Blackham
1 Lap U17FemaleEmma Hunter
MaleTai Elvin-Andrews
1 Lap SeniorFemaleBev Whyte
MaleMatthew Haywood
DogSandy & Max, with Thomas White
2 LapsFemaleJo Andrews
MaleColin High
DogLucy, with Marcus Sladden
Muddiest RunnerLauren Howe
Best Fancy DressTim Hirst


Results 9-12 Race

Results 13-16 Race

Results 1 Lap No Dog

Results 2 Lap No Dog

Results 1 Lap with Dog

Results 2 Lap with Dog

For enquiries please use the details below:-

Telephone: 01953 852559 (evenings please)

2015 Event

2015 Results – updated 02/01/2016

9-12 Race

13-16 Race

17+ 1 Lap with Dog – times corrected

17+ 1 Lap

17+ 2 Lap with Dog

17+ 2 Lap

Best fancy dress: Lucy Steele

Muddiest runner: Dominic Oliver



Give A Dog A Dinner

We collect animal food for PACT Animal Sanctuary (Hingham, Norfolk. Reg. charity 1045251).

Donations to PACT 2021


Donations to PACT 2019

And in 2019 we also collected for Waveney Foodbank


Donations to PACT 2018

PACT will be very grateful for this year’s collection (below), which even includes a dog harness and some Christmas dog stockings. PACT care for all types of unwanted animals including dogs, cats, small furries, farm animals, birds and wildlife.  Thanks to everyone for their generosity.

Tea/coffee and biscuits donations are also forwarded to PACT Animal Sanctuary and raised £168.62.

Donations to PACT 2017

Tea/coffee and biscuits donations are also forwarded to PACT Animal Sanctuary who would like to thank you for the £123.85 raised.

 …and there’s more…

Pet food collection 2016

Pet food collection 2015

Pet food collection 2014

Pet food collection 2013


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