Race Yourself 2021

The Bungay Black Dog Race Yourself 2021


  • This event if for BBDRC members only.
  • There is no charge to enter.
  • There are two distances (5 km and 10 km) and this challenge runs for a year (2021).
  • Your Lockdown Extravaganza time will be your baseline. If you didn’t compete in the Extravaganza then the first time you submit for each distance will be your baseline.
  • Results are based on % improvement and will be published each month with times needing to be submitted by 23:59 on the last day of the month. You don’t have to submit a time every month but there will be bonus points for those that do.
  • You can use your own runs, races or parkruns (assuming they get going again). Men and women will compete together as it’s based on improvement rather than time.

We don’t need to see you on Strava or any other platform. We trust what you tell us; you sleep with your conscience, we don’t.
You can repeat your run as many times as you like within the month and simply re-submit your results for that month.

The Sensible stuff

You know this already.

  1. Please take part safely and follow current government guidelines regarding social distancing and infection control.
  2. Select your route carefully, taking into account time of day and length of time that you will be running for and presence of traffic and pedestrians. We advise you to wear high visibility clothing. Please don’t have anything in or around your ears which can interfere with hearing traffic and other road users.
  3. Make sure you are well hydrated and warmed up sufficiently before your run. You may wish to carry additional water. Please ensure you take inhalers and any other items that you may require with you. In very hot weather (ok, maybe not in November) we would advise you to avoid running in the hottest parts of the day.
  4. If you have any doubts regarding your fitness to complete the event, please speak to your GP.
  5. In case of accident or injury, we recommend that you take a mobile phone with you. Make sure you inform someone of where and when you are going and advise them when you return.
  6. Carry an ICE (In Case of Emergency) card or have the number stored in your phone.

email: virtual@bungayblackdogrunningclub.co.uk

Or ask Byron McGill

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