Round Britain Challenge

Round Britain Challenge

A challenge for BBDRC Members only

3209 miles
Everyone together

Can we complete 3209 running miles round Britain before we return to training at BARC?
No teams. Everyone counts.
Every time you go for a run, no matter how far or how fast, keep a record.
Let us know your weekly total using the form on this page.
We will keep a tally.
Check the website and newsletter to see what landmarks and famous places we have run past. Look for the weekly report in the BBDRC Newsletter.

Extra Challenge: guess how long it will take us to run 3209 miles (days, hours, minutes, seconds). Closest guess may win a prize. Email your guess by midnight on Friday 26th March to

The Rules

  1. Your run must be predominantly a RUN. Walking the dog/gerbil/budgie does not count. If you are a newbie runner (Welcome guys!) your walk-runs DO count, as do interval training and the like. Likewise, if you are returning to running after illness or injury, you can walk a little. You can, of course, run with your dog/gerbil/budgie.
  2. You can run on roads, trails or on a treadmill. Please stay safe and follow the current infection control rules.
  3. Please keep a weekly total and submit it using the form on this page by MIDNIGHT on Friday of each week. Your total will be any runs completed from 17.01 on Friday until 16.59 of the following Friday. The deadline allows us to do the tedious maths and compile the report for the Sunday newsletter. Submit total distance plus total time taken. Be honest with yourself and don’t stop your watch if you pop in somewhere for a cuppa or any other reason for a brief pause.
  4. Please submit your distance in MILES. Note for all Home Schoolers. To convert kilometres to miles, multiply by 0.621. Round up/down to 2 decimal places. Move over Maths on the Farm; make way for Maths on the Run. Submit your total time in hours, minutes and seconds. You can measure distances on Google Maps (right click, select measure distance and left click at intervals along your route) or with a piece of string if you don’t have a fancy watch gizmo.
  5. This is something we can all contribute towards. If you only run one mile every day for a week (or less than 15 minutes running a day) then you’ve contributed 7 miles. Note for all Home Schoolers. What percent of the 3209 mile total is 7 miles (rounded up/down to 2 decimal places)?


Team Progress

Week One was the week 13th-19th March. The combined might of the Club covered 908.29 miles in a run time of 6 days, 4 hours, 39 minutes and 0 seconds. 908 miles means the team have run from Lands End along the south coast and have travelled north up the east coast to 13 miles south of Skegness.

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