Virtual Groggy Doggy

Virtual Groggy Doggy

2020 Event

The Groggy Doggy 2020 will be a virtual event.

Results will be added later this evening (26 December)

Social Media

This Facebook Group is for people to post pictures of their runs and to take part in the traditional best dressed and muddiest competitions.

Please use this button to tell us your time and distance completed, even if you also put that information on social media !

In addition to the Facebook group you can also take part on Twitter and Instagram just mention @bbdrc and tag your posts with #groggydoggy.

Instagram @bbdrc

Aim: To run 2.5 or 5miles in one continuous run. The run should take place cross country (preferably) or on road or treadmill (if really desperate). The run is to take place between, and including, Thursday 24th December and Saturday 2nd January.

When running you must follow current infection control regulations and have due regard to the safety of yourself and other road/trail users (See Sensible Stuff). If you are running cross country please make sure you are using public rights of way or have the landowner’s permission.

As we do not have permission to hold the event on Outney Meadow on Boxing Day, you MUST NOT run at that location and on that day. This is so we do not prejudice any future events by annoying the Commoners, Golf Club and other Common users by filling the car parks. You will be asked for the location and date of your run when you submit your time.

Runners may complete the run accompanied by a dog if they wish. You can also run in fancy dress, though please bear in mind the weight of your costume, the wind resistance in rough weather and the possibility of chafing!

Let us know when and where you ran, if with a dog, distance run (2.5 or 5 miles) and time taken and receive a medal in the post. We don’t need a Strava/Garmin/whatever link so you can use a good old sundial to time your run if you wish.

Best fancy dress and muddiest runner will be judged from photos submitted on the Virtual Groggy Doggy Facebook page. Please do not cheat by immersing your offspring in mud.

In the spirit of the Season, and to encourage plenty of family arguments, there will be a discount for family entrants (£1 per person living at the same address after the first entrant).

Entry fees: £7 if 16 years and older. £4 for under 16s

The Sensible stuff

You know this already.

  1. Please take part safely and follow current government guidelines regarding social distancing and infection control.
  2. Select your route carefully, taking into account time of day and length of time that you will be running for and presence of traffic and pedestrians. We advise you to wear high visibility clothing. Please don’t have anything in or around your ears which can interfere with hearing traffic and other trail/road users.
  3. Make sure you are well hydrated and warmed up sufficiently before your run. You may wish to carry additional water. Please ensure you take inhalers and any other items that you may require with you.
  4. If you have any doubts regarding your fitness to complete the event, please speak to your GP. Similarly, you may wish to consult your Vet if you have any concerns about the fitness of your dog.
  5. In case of accident or injury, we recommend that you take a mobile phone with you. Make sure you inform someone of where and when you are going and advise them when you return.
  6. Carry an ICE (ICase of Emergency) card or have that number stored in your phone.
  7. Please note, UK Athletics minimum age to complete 5 miles is 15 years, minimum age for 2.5miles is 11 years.

Further information: email

New Medal for the Virtual Doggy

We have a new medal for you,
and yes, it has MUD!

Virtual Groggy Doggy Medal 2020



Give A Dog A Dinner

We have previously collected animal food for PACT Animal Sanctuary (Hingham, Norfolk. Reg. charity 1045251).

For the virtual event we will donate all profits from the event to PACT instead of making a collection.

Donations to PACT 2019

And in 2019 we also collected for Waveney Foodbank



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This address will be used to post medals to all runners you enter (as they are all members of the same family)