Out and About (4th October 2020)

Many club members ran a unique version of VMLM today (Sunday). Here’s a club member collage plus a larger pic of Tim & Rachel Hirst and Karen Gedge starting their run; Robin Ashe and Bob Paul providing race support.

Many congratulations to you all for your efforts in testing, wet conditions!

VMLM collage of club runners

Karen, Rachel, Tim, Bob and Robin posing before the run

Great Barrow half

Today (Sunday) I did my first race since lockdown and first half marathon of the year. We were set of staggered groups of 10 though I then ran solo. It was wet but mild, and there were two big hills, with the last mile on a footpath that puts the path of doom to shame, with 3-4 inches of mud. The course was all signposted and I only went wrong once adding an extra mile, so I finished 14 miles in 2:03, and was second overall. Paul Bird and Sean Symonds also ran the half in 3:47:21 and 2:38:28 respectively. These are monthly events and I’d recommend them – a really nice medal and goodie bag full of lovely snacks.

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