Out and about (5th July 2020)

Clare’s run report

Clare Webb reports:

Last Friday morning. A bit nervous. A bit excited. I was scheduled to do my first lead of club runners in Covid times. I had digested the risk assessment and first aid update. Had measured out 2 metres so everyone could be socially distant. I had a mask and gloves in my backpack in case of a first aid issue. My runners arrived. I checked to see if anyone had injuries they needed to tell me about, and then asked them to confirm they were happy to run despite the heightened risk of catching the virus given the proximity to other runners. I told them no spitting was allowed (although, to be fair they didn’t look at all like the spitting sort….).

And then? Well, we just went for a run. Fabulous. Sociable. Steady. Supportive. Invigorating. Enlivening.

Thank you: Julie, Julie and Sue. It was wonderful to go for a run with you, and lovely to be back BBDRC run leading again.

Christine’s run report

Christine Ashe reports:

It was Thursday at 6.30 pm, not at BARC in the ice cream kiosk but at ‘Hannays’ and only 6 of us but it felt nearly normal meeting up in a group, socially distanced of course. We set off by Geldeston Church and naturally split up into twos and it was so good to hear the chatter and sound of pounding feet again. There were a few complaints about the hills we ran up and it was a bit hot and humid but overall we all loved it, running around the lanes of Kirby Cane and Ellingham and enjoying the first steps back to ‘Normal’.



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