Race planning and Safety

Tips for race registration
A few things to bear in mind as you plan your race calendar. Firstly, most local races are organised by running club members like you with families and jobs. If a race is full, “can’t you just squeeze me in?” simply won’t work with hassled organisers.  Race limits are for various reasons: parking space, hall size, width of the course, etc. Those with UK Athletics licences would invalidate their public liability insurance if they exceeded their limit.  Race closure dates are also chosen for good reason; the entry info may be passed to a third party (timer, first aid provider, etc.) who has their own deadline. Also, very few events now allow on the day entries, so please plan ahead.

Safety first
Be aware if you have a gadget that sends an automatic SOS 999 call if you are in distress. The system definitely works as witnessed by the runner who accidentally activated theirs at Ryston cross country today. Emergency services zoomed into Shouldham Warren with blues and twos going. They even knew the name of the person they were looking for (who was drinking tea at the time).

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