Race Support Volunteering

When you join/renew your club membership, there is a tick box on the form to say that you will volunteer to support one of the club races.

If you enter a club race it is expected that you will help out. If you find this difficult, you can nominate a friend or family member to do so instead.

For the upcoming Groggy Doggy and 2020 Festival of Running, we will be sending out a form for you to say when, where and what support you are able to provide.

Next year, we will develop n this into a way for you to choose which events you support from our annual events calendar.

It has become increasingly difficult for the race directors to get the required number of marshals/helpers needed at races this year, which meant going to the wire for one race in particular.

With over 300 members, this should never be the case.

Please accept this reminder and new process in the best interest of our great club.
Kit orders
… Also, is there anyone who would like to take over the management of ordering the club’s second kit? If so, please speak to me.

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