Race Yourself Submission

Race Yourself Submission

Race Yourself 2021

This event if for BBDRC members only.
There is no charge to enter.

There are two distances (5 km and 10 km) and this challenge runs for a year (2021).
Your Lockdown Extravaganza time will be your baseline. If you didn’t compete in the Extravaganza then the first time you submit for each distance will be your baseline.
Results are based on % improvement and will be published each month with times needing to be submitted by 23:59 on the last day of the month. You don’t have to submit a time every month but there will be bonus points for those that do.
You can use your own runs, races or parkruns (assuming they get going again). Men and women will compete together as it’s based on improvement rather than time.


If you have any problem submitting your time please email virtual@bungayblackdogrunningclub.co.uk.

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