Richard’s C-19 challenge #1 – Predict how far you will run in 26m 20s

Richard’s C-19 challenge #1
Predict how far you will run in 26m 20s
If you want to add a little interest into your lonely solo runs, here’s my challenge. I’ve been running it for a few weeks with family and friends and now want to extend to all my BBDRC buddies. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, the skill is to accurately estimate your pace. Please be mindful of current government advice on exercise and social distancing when running. This is not intended to be in addition to your normal exercise routine but rather be part of it.
Next weekend would have been the Virgin Money London Marathon, whilst not such a prestigious event as the Bungay Festival of Running, I thought we could have a competition around the figure of 26.2 (shamelessly copied Rachel Hirst’s idea, by the way).  It works like this:
1. Runners need to predict how far they will run in 26min 20sec
2. These predicted distances need to submitted to me by 18.00 Tuesday (to also be part of the WhatsApp group, tell me your mobile number)
3. Run for 26min 20sec  WITHOUT LOOKING AT YOUR GPS WATCH, so have it covered or change the display
4. Submit your actual distance to me by 17.00 Sundayand I will collate the results.
The winner is the runner who gets closest to their predicted distance, not the fastest…results will be available in this spreadsheet which you can view online; no cheating allowed!

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