Richard’s C-19 Challenge

Today was the last day of the Covid Cup competition, with 21 runners taking part over the last three weeks.  Last week was a “freestyle” week where runners could choose which distance they were going to run and predict what time they would do it in. The winner was Sabrina Norton, continuing her return to fitness with a mere 0.11% difference to her predicted 5 mile time. She was closely followed by Damian Ashcroft (0.19%)  and  George Goodby (0.22%).

The overall and most consistent runner over all three challenges and therefore crowned Covid Queen was Kate Smith, with an average ranking of 6.0 – well done Kate!  Joining Kate on the virtual and all female podium are silver medallist Rachel Hirst (6.3) and Sabrina Norton (6.7) in bronze medal place.  Thanks everyone!


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