Richard’s C-19 challenges

Challenge #Two – results
Last week the challenge was to predict the time you would take to run 6k.  28 intrepid runners entered the competition and at the time of going to press as the last results are being collated, verified and processed it looks as if Stuart Govey is the winner, amazingly predicting his time to within 6 seconds of his actual running time.  He was closely followed by Black Dogs Rachel Hirst and Darren Goodby, well done Stuart!  Full results are here.
Challenge #Three
Next weeks challenge (and second of the accumulator competition) is of course open to everyone. It’s a toughie, run any route you like but stop your watch or press the lap button when you get to what you think is 19 Covid minutes.  The winner is the runner who is the best timekeeper. If you want to take part, email me or message me on the WhatsApp group.


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