Round Norfolk Relay

Club Chair Jayne Capps-Jenner writes:
Thank you to all the fabulous people that pulled together over the weekend to put a BBDRC Team into the RNR. With the earliest of starts of all the 60+ teams that entered this iconic race, our first stage runner set off at 5.30 am yesterday morning. During the next 29 ish hours, our team included the 17 runners, support cyclists, the support bus team, family, friends and volunteers who in their own way helped this to happen. Nearly 200 miles of the Norfolk county borderline where completed with smiles at every turn. I cannot explain how hard it is for the team organisers to pull this together. Special thanks to Rachel Hirst, team manager, Bobbie and Chris, team timekeepers and co-ordinations through the whole race, the Earsham change-over team (it is mental out there getting so many people and vehicles safely through), the minibus crew (following the runners from mid afternoon, through the night until morning, in 1st and 2nd gear!) and every single person that got to places at silly o’clock to be ready to run with their cyclist. Now it’s all over, we can all sit back and say well done but thank you doesn’t go far enough! It is truly an amazing achievement.

Club Captain Alice Kirk also writes:
I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped over the weekend to make this event happen. Rachel for being the organiser from the very start. Karen, Jayne, Roy and Richard for driving the mini bus from the afternoon all through the night plus picking it up and taking it back again-driving at snail speed for so long really is a tough one. Bobbie and Chris who followed the runners around by car, from start to finish, recording our times, ensuring we were on time, waiting for us to start and then again at the finish, and being bike support on several occasions. You all were angels! And lastly thank you to our runners, bike supports, shuttle services, change over volunteers at Earsham, I am so proud for what our club achieved this weekend, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

…and Anna Gray gives a BBDRC runner’s view:
This was an amazing race, albeit with an early start, I felt privileged to be part of the team and to carry the baton to the finish on stage 17. Scenery was beautiful along the fen rivers even if the terrain was difficult at times but Maria was fantastic bike support.  Well done to all the runners – such an exciting event.



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